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not that the prices on the site aren't reasonable, but anyone know any other good sites for finding built to spill shirts?


Hello everybody,

Has there been any chatter about a tour this year? I need my fix!

September 11, 2001 - Cleveland

Just heard a random Built to Spill song and remembered being at the Agora in Cleveland on Sept 11, 2001. What a crazy day - also was one of those days (and shows) I'll never forget.

Was anyone there that day?


Just wanted to share this...

Hey all,
Just felt like throwing this song up there for anyone who feels like listening, it's called Mosquitoes Buzzing:


Hit it if you can't stand big industry's shameless annihilation of countless beautiful places all in the name of harvesting more resources!!

If you want to check out more material, head over here:


Be well all... is anyone even out there? Thanks, take it easy.


Lyrical Mix Up?

I was looking up the lyrics to "Just A Habit" on google and I noticed that in the second verse every site quotes it as "This one's a super sonic" ... ahh forgive me but is it sonic or sonnet? it would make sense being a super sonnet having "too much on it", two sections of seven lines except the last line is repeated... clever. Am I right? If so virtually every lyric site pinned it wrong...

P.S. Built to Spill and Doug Martsch you are the best saw you at the Howlin' Wolf in New Orleans please come back it was absolutely magical. Your music resonates a universe of bliss and harmony in my mind. Thank you.

Tour Dates

Anyone out there that can give me some info regarding upcoming tour dates in the South Carolina area or in the southern region in general. I would appreciate any information available that someone could share with me. Thanks.

BUILT TO SPILL- Live 01/01/11

It was really awesome to see this band sober- such a contrast to the last time I saw them as Luke C can testify- I was blind drunk before they started and can't remember bugger-all.

Tonight, Pete came with me- and coming down the stairs the first notes I heard were very familiar, the start of the song 'Traces'.

They actually played a lot from their 90s catalogue; 'The Plan', 'Sidewalk', 'Carry The Zero' and 'You Were Right' from KILAS; all of which were brilliant, especially 'Carry The Zero'- a personal favourite. Although no 'Timetrap' :-(

There were a few I didn't recognize, possibly off the first two albums or maybe off 'Ancient Melodies...'~ only ONE song off the new album - 'Hindsight- which was surprising and a little disappointing as I really like that album. (eg. AIsle 13, Pat, Planting Seeds???)

Here we go

Me, J.R. Lilly thats what they call me. As crazy as this seems my ultimate dream is to become a songwriter. Today January 14 2011 I just now realized this. I'm not sure what has taking me so long to become aware of this. Sure I talked about it before with people and even offered my service to write a song for them. Before today it was always a distant thought, it was something that seemed out of reach, impossible, impratical, something that was just a dream. So today sitting here staring at this computer at a place i currently work I feel I can acheive this goal.

The Same Thing

Never stopped to realize nor breathe deep to my soul. Heart is where the home is. When you're not there beware. Did we ever notice that, that we're all made the same? Each of us so different thus the same make. So elevate, live out the rest of things. Nothings in vain, we're all the same, don't be scared, life is shared. You can't take me just yet. How I know I get. Message from the sky was sent, was labeled 'utmost important,' "Without love you'll surely come back"...that's a lesson. You can't take me just yet. How I know I get. So elevate, live out the rest of things. Nothings in vain, we're all the same, don't be scared, life is shared.
[F, Dcapo3,music's even better if care for listen can email]


Yesterday finally got a ticket for January 1, 2011 in Richmond Melbourne.
Can't freaking wait! Yeeehaaarrgghh!