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Is there any way to get BtS merch delivered to Ireland?

WTF Kings Of Leon Suck A Fuck

so i have been a fan for 8 years now of Built to spill so finally the day come when i get to see them and they play with kings of leon. Fucking Stupid i payed way too much money to not even see Dougs face Nobody even new who Built to spill was as my friend and i r in the lawn singing to everysong. Kings Of Leon fans are a bunch of Yuppy Fucks that dont know Shit about music. we left as soon a built to spill was done. i understand that you have to make money Doug but Fuck let the fans know when you doin a show just to make money ill hopefully see you in Akron on the 30th. so long story short i could tell Doug was pissed that nobody was really there to see him and but i was in the lawn screaming my heart out. much love to built to spill even though now im broke as hell see ya in a month!!!


that would be a mighty kind gesture!!!! email just to hear "Car" and "Carry the Zero" would make it all feel sooo much better!!!

Slims 7/15/2010

Last night was great guys, thanks!