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Tur Hunting

You've been hunting pheasants, quail and ducks for many. By now, good shooting should pretty much be a no-brainer. Facing your first clay bird, we heard, "Yeah, I will do this, throw me a target." It's pretty much a jock mentality. After all, while you may well be a bit dryer and washing machine challenged, you can shoot a shotgun!

Tur Hunting

Actually group of great feeling to hold a gun and stay for shooting. You might know how good could be if you've ever tried. Shooting is an art form and one becomes a professional person in it with some practice. Rifles or guns are used today mainly for hunting and shooting sports rather than in wars as earlier times. Shooting is different experience from other sports yet it is basically fun. Shooting being one more kind within a sport, the clothing and accessories as well different from others. A few of the clothing products that you should include in your collection if you are after to dedicate to new shooting clothing.


not that the prices on the site aren't reasonable, but anyone know any other good sites for finding built to spill shirts?


Hello everybody,

Has there been any chatter about a tour this year? I need my fix!

September 11, 2001 - Cleveland

Just heard a random Built to Spill song and remembered being at the Agora in Cleveland on Sept 11, 2001. What a crazy day - also was one of those days (and shows) I'll never forget.

Was anyone there that day?