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The art of art!

My husband and I both share an extreme love for music. The music that Built to Spill creates blows my mind. Watching the entire band preform their songs is truly art. I am blown away and in awe of the creativity and the talent that BTS is! I've only been to three of their concerts, while Travis has been to 19, including 3 back-to-back shows.

I feel like I cannot listen to their songs enough. I have the most respect for this band. Whenever we're in Idaho BTS is the only thing we listen to, it brings my husband back to high school and his youth!

I wish BTS knew how much their music means to us and how much we truly respect them as artists, performers, and creative communicators!

Atlanta Show

Just saw these guys play at the Buckhead Theatre Monday night and it was engrossing to say the least. Been listening since 94 and I will never get tired of hearing one of the best guitar based rock groups to ever play together. The best little known band I have ever been lucky enough to hear and follow. It would be a shame if they stop putting music out.

This fucking band part 2

I already wrote a blog but i fucked it up (i think) anyways it was just about how fucking amazing this band is (just discovered em yesterday to my chagrin as im very much into my underground tunes, not a "scenester" or a "yuppie" or whatever you call dem pigs clits who make out they like underground music to seem cool, also who wear ironic t-shirts and cran luncheon meat in their screamer)

this fucking band

So am looking for bands similar to Modest Mouse and I first stumble on Wolf Parade - yeah, good, not too bad, then Minus the Bear - o.k, a bit of a 'Ricky Gervais nose twitch' to them tbh, last but not least these som'bitches pop up on the radar - holy fucking pigs clit what a band, fucking love em soooo much already, kind dissapointed in myself for not discovering them years prior as Im really into my underground tunes (dont worry im not a 'scenester' I mean look at this blog, its a mess of nonsense, bad grammer and swear words) anybody here a fan of Mr.John Reis' work by any chance????????????????????

Pittsburgh setlist?

Does anyone have the complete setlist from last nights show at Mr. Smalls?