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DNA Wealth Blueprint 2.0 Review

Have you started to measure your Facebook results? It's called Facebook Roi. Simply put, you invest in your business everyday, and in its simplest terms, you in order to be measure the resuts. That's called your ROI or return on your investment. This will be the basics many financial choices, but it is not so easy and its very complex with social . But even just getting developed simply is vital. Here's some steps to obtaining you about your way.

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denver lasik consultation

Do possess to blurry vision? If you are near sighted or far sighted then have a slightly blurry vision in accessory for the other sight problems, then you very well might have an astigmatism. However, you will most likely always talk to your optometrist after they are the only one the correct truly diagnose you with astigmatism.

Dutch ophthalmologist Dr. Herman Snellen invented one eye chart in 1862 that become one of the most commonly used eye chart. The eye chart used for testing the vision is termed after Dr .. Herman Snellen. Some other tests called Tumbling E, the Broken Wheel and the ETDRS were also came up with. Some tests were found minor and personal children older who aren't able to read.

colorado ilasik

And the next thing we hear may be the customer saying, "Thanks Erin, have an incredible day." CLICK. We have all heard it. What is being conducted? Was the price too outstanding?

There are many different pores and skin vision issues that can be corrected by lasik medical surgery. Nearsightedness is brought a cornea that is simply steep. Lasik surgery enables you to flatten situation. Far sighted individuals have a cornea requirements to be steeper. The opposite common eye problem may well be corrected using lasik surgery is astigmatism.

If your height of nearsightedness is more than -11 or so, implantable lenses will probably offer better vision than LASIK. Consider waiting up until new lenses are that you can buy. Ask your doctor about them and other recent advances.


not that the prices on the site aren't reasonable, but anyone know any other good sites for finding built to spill shirts?


Hello everybody,

Has there been any chatter about a tour this year? I need my fix!

September 11, 2001 - Cleveland

Just heard a random Built to Spill song and remembered being at the Agora in Cleveland on Sept 11, 2001. What a crazy day - also was one of those days (and shows) I'll never forget.

Was anyone there that day?


Just wanted to share this...

Hey all,
Just felt like throwing this song up there for anyone who feels like listening, it's called Mosquitoes Buzzing:

Hit it if you can't stand big industry's shameless annihilation of countless beautiful places all in the name of harvesting more resources!!

If you want to check out more material, head over here:

Be well all... is anyone even out there? Thanks, take it easy.


Lyrical Mix Up?

I was looking up the lyrics to "Just A Habit" on google and I noticed that in the second verse every site quotes it as "This one's a super sonic" ... ahh forgive me but is it sonic or sonnet? it would make sense being a super sonnet having "too much on it", two sections of seven lines except the last line is repeated... clever. Am I right? If so virtually every lyric site pinned it wrong...

P.S. Built to Spill and Doug Martsch you are the best saw you at the Howlin' Wolf in New Orleans please come back it was absolutely magical. Your music resonates a universe of bliss and harmony in my mind. Thank you.

Tour Dates

Anyone out there that can give me some info regarding upcoming tour dates in the South Carolina area or in the southern region in general. I would appreciate any information available that someone could share with me. Thanks.

BUILT TO SPILL- Live 01/01/11

It was really awesome to see this band sober- such a contrast to the last time I saw them as Luke C can testify- I was blind drunk before they started and can't remember bugger-all.

Tonight, Pete came with me- and coming down the stairs the first notes I heard were very familiar, the start of the song 'Traces'.

They actually played a lot from their 90s catalogue; 'The Plan', 'Sidewalk', 'Carry The Zero' and 'You Were Right' from KILAS; all of which were brilliant, especially 'Carry The Zero'- a personal favourite. Although no 'Timetrap' :-(

There were a few I didn't recognize, possibly off the first two albums or maybe off 'Ancient Melodies...'~ only ONE song off the new album - 'Hindsight- which was surprising and a little disappointing as I really like that album. (eg. AIsle 13, Pat, Planting Seeds???)